GstarCAD 2024

Seamless Experience with High Compatibility


Performance Enhancement

The stability and performance has significantly improved in GstarCAD 2024, enhancing your design workflow. Large raster images processing is faster and smoother with high display quality, Hatch preview and lineweight display remains in high performance even in complex drawings.


API Enhancements

With 100% integrity in core module interfaces that are most commonly used, .NET secondary development interface has been greatly enhanced in GstarCAD 2024. Besides, encoding format of the LISP module has also been optimized and adjusted to ensure compatibility.

Dynamic Input

In GstarCAD 2024, Dynamic Input system is upgraded by adding Dimension Input, vertical Dynamic Prompts list and separating Pointer Input boxes to provide easier-to-use experience for design professionals and improve design efficiency.


New Features

BIM Support

IFC files can be imported with complete BIM data in GstarCAD 2024, shown in Properties Panel, and manage entities in IFC Structure Panel.


STEP/IGES Files Import

GstarCAD 2024 brings enhanced functionality to the mechanical and architecture industries by supporting STEP and IGES format files, which enables convenient exchange of 3D CAD date between different software platforms.

Viewports Edit

You can add, merge and adjust viewports by simply hold and drag the border of viewports with your mouse cursor, making it easier to use.



VPMAX allows you to expand the current layout viewports and switch to Model Space for editing without worrying about messing up viewport's scales and limits. VPMIN allows you to restore the current layout viewport. 

DWFX Batch Digital Signing Tool

By using an independent batch Digital Signing tool, you can sign DWFX, DWG, DWT and other files in bulk with digital signatures efficiently.