GstarCAD 2025

Elevating Performance, Empowering Design

About GstarCAD

GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD (computer-aided design) software of high compatibility with ACAD. With 30 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators and becomes leading CAD software in the world.


    Familiar and easy switch

    We develop extremely high ACAD compatible solution. If you were an ACAD users, you will be impressed by the high level of compatibility. Just 15 minutes you will find you are familiar with GstarCAD.

    • Native DWG/DXF support
      Completely compatible with AutoCAD ® in data format.

    • Familiar interface and command
      Support both Classic and Ribbon interface.
      Get started with familiar command structure and shortcut.

    • Easy to import
      Import your printers, templates, blocks, Lisp programs or sheet set layouts with just several clicks.

      Innovative Tools

      GstarCAD offers over 100 unique and innovation tools like “Collaboration”, “Area Table”, “Auto Layer”, “Viewport to Layout”, “Autoxlstable”. They are adopted to significantly speed up your drafting speed.


        Better than ever

        GstarCAD takes design productivity to new heights with accelerated performance, enhanced compatibility for BIM data and APIs, along with a host of new and improved tools to elevate your design experience!

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        Performance Enhancement

        The stability and performance has significantly improved in GstarCAD 2024, enhancing your design workflow. Large raster images processing is faster and smoother with high display quality, Hatch preview and lineweight display remains in high performance even in complex drawings.

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        API Enhancement

        With 100% integrity in core module interfaces that are most commonly used, .NET secondary development interface has been greatly enhanced in GstarCAD 2024. Besides, encoding format of the LISP module has also been optimized and adjusted to ensure complete compatibility.

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        Dynamic Input

        In GstarCAD 2024, Dynamic Input system is upgraded by adding Dimension Input, vertical Dynamic Prompts list and separating Pointer Input boxes to provide easier-to-use experience for design professionals and improve design efficiency.

            Our applications

            We cooperate with local developers to provide industrial solutions for customers. Today, hundreds of professional applications run on GstarCAD for industries involving AEC, Mechanical and Manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics, GIS, Survey and Mapping, Civil Engineering, etc.







            Flexible Licensing

            We provide flexible licensing, you could buy the perpetual license, you are free to choose the license mode and you decide when to upgrade.

            Perpetual License

            GstarCAD is available as a "perpetually licensed" product. You own the perpetual right to use the purchased license. It is more convenient than ACAD subscriptions.

            Multiple Licensing Modes

            GstarCAD Licensing Mode is available with both Serial Number and USB Dongle, each could be used for Stand-alone or Network license. You could choose either one based on your business needs.

            Flexible Access to Upgrade

            You can upgrade your license for every new version or keep using the same version. When you upgrade your license it keeps perpetual license unchanged.