GstarCAD 2025

Elevating Performance, Empowering Design

New Features

Hardware Acceleration

GstarCAD 2025 now includes Hardware Acceleration, which uses the powerful graphics processing capabillities of the GPU to help the CPU handle tasks more efficiently. This update greatly improves the quality of graphic display and speeds up your work, enhancing the overall performance of the software.


Parametric Constraints

GstarCAD 2025 introduces Parmetric Constraints, focusing exclusively on geometric constraints this year. Geometric constraints manage how objects relate to others, enabling adjustments to other objects when cahnges are made, ensuring design precision and efficiency.

BIM Data Editing

BIM data can now be edited directly in GstarCAD 2025, providing enhanced efficiency for your design workflow!


3D Mouse Device Adaption

The SpaceMouse and CadMouse from 3Dconnexion are now supported on GstarCAD 2025. You can manipulate 2D views and 3D perspectives using the controller's joystick, switch views and execute commands using the mouse's shortcut keys, and you can also customize the mouse button configurations within the driver software for these devices.

Voice annotation

Through the Voice Manager panel, you can easily create, record, play and manage voice annotations in GstarCAD 2025.


Break at point

BREAKATPOINT command allows you to break the selected object into two objects at a specified point, without the need to specify a second point and create a grap like the BREAK command does.


Different projects or application scenarios may require different units. For example, architectural design might use meters, while mechanical design might use inches. In GstarCAD 2025, the newly added DWGUNITS command allows you to change the units of drawings to meet the standard size and annotation requirements of the drawing and avoid errors due to using different units.


Application Manager

Application Manager is a unified system for plugin management. Users can search, enable/disable and view details of modular applications within the Application Manager, achieving the most suitable service configuration with minimal resource utilization.


Performance Enhancement

GstarCAD 2025 introduces an incremental save mechanism, boosting SAVEAS speed by over 30% and QSAVE by more than three times. FIle reading, display and software initialization are optimized, improved average drawing opening speed by over 25%. TRIM and EXTEND performance on complex drawings improved by 69% and HATCH display precision is also enhanced, eliminating excess lines in gradient and transparent hatch, ensuring a more efficient workflow.

Odoo • Text and Image


To create various types of dimensions, you no longer need to switch between different commands. Simply execute the DIM command, hover your mouse cursor over objects to see a dimension preview, click to confirm and place the dimension. This streamlines the annotation process and enhances efficiency.

3D Model Import & Export

On the basis of IFC Import, you can now export IFC files and import RVT files with complete BIM data and STEP/IGES module will be included in GstarCAD installer, you don't need to install it separately.


File & Layout Tab Bar

The File Tab Bar and Layout Tab Bar in GstarCAD 2025 have been updated with new appearances. Adding "New" and "List" button, now you can create, open, switch drawings/layouts directly from the tab bar, making operations more convenient and efficient. Additionally, indicators for "Read Only" or "Modified" files have been added too to provide clearer status visibillity.

Lasso Selection

Lasso selection allows you to create an irregularly shaped window or crossing selection set, which is beneficial when selecting objects in complex drawings. Window Selection has also been optimized by adding Fence, Window Polygon and Crossing Polygon options.



Continuous zooming, panning and layer-related operations can be undone in one step, streamlining the workflow and reducing repetitive actions.

Batch Plot

The Batch Plot feature in GstarCAD 2025 has made comprehensive improvements based on user feedback to support a wider range of scenarios. There are 11 major updates, covering Specify Batch Setup, Plot Setup Options, File Setup and Processing Options ensuring a more efficient and flexible plotting experience.


QR Code

The QRCODE command now supports command line mode -QRCODE, facilitating the creation of QR codes via scripts or programs.


After copying data from an Excel worksheet ot the clipboard, use the PASTESPEC command and select 'Paste Link' to paste the Excel data as 'DWG Entities'. After insertion, you can modify the table. Additionally, a data link will be automatically created and you can update this link using the DATALINKUPDATE command.


License Manager

GstarCAD 2025 introduces key updates to enhance licensing management and security, such as subscription notifications before expiration, real-time online user number display for the GstarCAD Network License Manager and upgrade of the USB standalone dongle from Living Dongle to the Moway Dongle.

Innovative Features


GstarCAD offers robust APIs for developers to migrate or build applications on GstarCAD. This year, in addition to the continuous improvement of integrity and compatibility of GRX, .NET and LISP interfaces, GstarCAD 2025 now supports Python, offering over 790 commonly-used Python interfaces, thus empowering more robust customization and automation.