CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping Series (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

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    CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping Series includes a basic library for symbols and standardized elements that are used in mechanical projects.


    1. CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - General symbols

    HVAC - General symbols library possesses the most important symbols used in heating, water, sewage, fire safety and other technological


    In the HVAC - General symbols library the following symbols categories can be found:

    • armature (e.g. valves, pumps, reducers, filters, steam traps, cocks),

    • refrigeration,

    • connections (e.g. fixed points, connections, joints),

    • lines (e.g. gate valves, reducers, line endings),

    • angle armature,

    • sensors, control (e.g. thermometers, outside temperature sensors, manometers),

    • equipment (e.g. couplings, heat exchangers, diaphragms actuators),

    • fire protection (e.g. hydrants, spray flooding systems, sprinklers),

    • objects (e.g. drinking water heaters, diaphragm extension tanks, boilers),

    • household articles,

    • risers (e.g. venting risers, sewage system risers),

    • distributors,

    • marks (e.g. level, slope symbols, overflow arrows, arrows, routing designations),

    • sewage (e.g. gate valves, line endings),

    • other (e.g. arrows, inspection glasses, overflow arrows, bends). 

    2. CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - Industrial systems

    HVAC - Industrial systems library possesses the most important symbols used in industrial installations schemes and P&ID schemes.

    In the HVAC - Industrial systems library the following symbols categories can be found:

    • industrial systems (armature and equipment, devices, measurement instruments, others),

    • P&ID signs- ISO 3511 and DIN 19 227 (standard with fixed length, expanded with an additional label, expanded with an optional label, adjust level, pressure controller, other),

    • process control - ISO 3511 and DIN 19 227 (sensors, transducers, controllers, actuators, actuators and accessories, devices adjusting, conversion of analog signal, the impact of the binary signal into an analog, others),

    • piping - DIN 2429 (lines, connections and fittings, general armature, flange armature, welded armature, socked armature, socked-welded armature, threaded armature, actuators, other equipment),

    • vacuumtechnik - DIN 28401 (e.g. vacuum pumps, condensate traps, cold traps, vacuum gauges),

    • ANSI/ISA-5.1 standard (P&ID signs, measurement symbols: primary elements, measurement symbols: secondary instruments, instrument to process and equipment connections, instrument-to-instrument connections, final control element symbols, final control element actuator symbols, self-actuated final control element symbol, control valve failure and de-energized position indications, functional diagramming symbols, binary logic symbols, electrical schematic symbols, ANSI/ISA 1992 symbols),

    • ANSI symbols (exchangers, pip, tanks and vessels, pump and blower, flow elements, armature, valve operators, equipment, others),

    • NORSOK symbols (e.g. axial fans, grille diffusers, exchange air coolers, tanks). 

    3. CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - Radiators, objects

    HVAC - Radiators, objects library contains sanitary equipment, radiators and other objects used in plans and strand diagrams.

    In the HVAC - Radiators, objects library the following symbols categories can be found:

    • plumbing objects (top and front views are available),

    • faucets,

    • fire protection (e.g. hydrants, sprinklers - top and front views are available),

    • home appliances (top and front views are available),

    • radiators (plans and schemes views are available),

    • devices (e.g. boilers, hot water heaters, open extension tanks - plan, front and side views are available). 

    4. CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - Ventilation

    HVAC - Ventilation library possesses a database of basic symbols used in ventilation and air condition installations by PN and DIN standards.

    In the HVAC - Ventilation library the following symbols categories can be found:

    • EN 12792 (symbols - e.g. fans, dampers, air heaters, air coolers; other - e.g. outlets, weather protection grilles, heat exchangers),

    • DIN 1946-1 (symbols, automation),

    • Polish symbols (symbols - e.g. filters, heaters, dampers, air anemostats),

    • automatic marks (e.g. object dimension, rectangular duct cross section, circular duct label),

    • marks (e.g. flow label, overflow arrow). 

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