ARCHLine.XP Virtual Expo

Webinar Topic: Kitchen and Cabinet Design with ARCHLine.XP
Date: 24 Nov 2021 | Time: 2 pm (SGT)

In this webinar, we will showcase kitchen and cabinet design using ARCHLine.XP.

ARCHLine.XP interior is an interior design software with essential functions and tools for  interior designers. It allows you to quickly implement and present your ideas to your clients in a friendly 3D environment. ARCHLine.XP is a cost effective, easy-to-learn and intuitive software.

Date:  24 Nov 2021 |   Time:  2 pm (SGT)


 How to create Kitchen Wall Tiling

 How to create Kitchen Cabinets

 How to create Countertop

 How to create Plinth in a Kitchen

 Rendering the Kitchen layout

 Find more information about the ARCHLine.XP here: www.archlinexp.com.sg