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DeskIn Enterprise Edition: Every business that needs to work remotely can use it with confidence

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- Deskin Enterprise Remote Control Solution -

Business Scenarios

High Performance Remote Work/Design
IT Management/ Remote Maintenance
Technical Support

Unattended Device Management


Enterprise Edition Dedicated High-Speed Lines

Build models, write code, and change documentation smoothly

  • Continuous stable connection, no pauses or dropouts

  • Improved font clarity, for better coding and editing.

  • High precision and high frame-rates, timely response to meet 3D design requirements

  • Convenient user experiences, independent of configuration and installation for technical support

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Odoo • Image and Text

Quick Remote Assistance 3-Second Download, 1 Click Connection

  • The remote device is free of installation and configuration. The User Guide is super convenient.

  • Provide remote assistance and solve customer problems quickly.

  • The operation process can be recorded and the service can be retrieved.



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  • Record connection events in detail and save them permanently

  • User, time, IP, device, connection method, key operation

  • File transfers are recorded separately, and classified auditing is clear at a glance

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Action Recording

  • The operation process is completely archived for quick positioning and review

  • Cloud synchronous recording, no need to wait for compress then upload

  • Content is encrypted and stored, only administrators can decrypt and view

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Managed file transfer

  • Transfer permissions can be set according to the user setting

  • Prohibition of transmission, one-way transmission, and two-way transmission

  • Block file leakage from the source


You can set both light and dark screen watermark.


The content of the remote device is protected.


Lock the remote device while timeout, minimize, and end of connection.


Multiple verification methods to ensure the right person to operate.


The remote device is bound to the login account.


All connections require account authorization.


Data transfer VPN protection and asymmetric encryption.


Copy / paste between local and remote device can be disabled.


Easy Deployment and Unified Management

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Rapid Deployment

Batch deployment and account import 
Easy for first-time deployment

  • Command line easy deployment: one command completes the installation and binding

  • Active Directory domain integration: import member accounts in batches and issue installation packages

  • SSO integration: account, user directory synchronize and login verification

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Unified Configuration

Issue configuration in real-time
One click to deploy on thousands of devices

  • Modify the security settings in batch from the web console

  • After saving, all devices are automatically synchronized and take effect immediatelly

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Group Management

Multi-level device/personnel grouping
Batch management operation permissions

  • Multi-level device list, multiple search methods

  • Flexible grouping by region/project to accurately match business characteristics

  • Assign access and permission by individual/group

Leading Technology. Creating Excellent Experience.

The Industry's First RTC

Restructure and optimize the underlying framework. Defining a new standard in high-performance remote technology.

Self-Managed SD-WAN Network

Wide industry recognition of service quality. Real-time route optimization. Smart navigation for your data transfer.

Efficient Video Codec

Proficient in both algorithm and hardware to provide a better video quality. Faster speed and less bandwidth consumption.

Private Deployment Solution

According to company's business scenarios, flexible matching of functional packages

  • Local Server Deployment
    Seamless integration with the existing system, convenient remote control within the local network.

  • Autonomous Data Management
    The data is entirely stored in the enterprise's independent server, preventing data leakage and loss.

  • A Variety of Transmission Schemes Takes into Account Security and Performance
    P2P direct connection, server forwarding and other route schemes. Enjoy enterprise-grade SD-WAN network services.

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