Six reasons to switch your CAD solution to Solid Edge
How changing your design tool can save time and reduce development costs

We partnered with Lifecycle Insights and heard from engineers and designers from across the globe.

How long do you spend waiting for your assemblies to load? How much time does it take you to create or correct design documentation? How often do you have to recreate a 3D model to match data from a 3D scanner? All too often, we are hindered rather than helped by our design tools.

To help understand the challenges of modern product design, we partnered with Lifecycle Insights to gather feedback from hundreds of engineers and designers and to measure the impact of the issues they are facing. Then, we focused on how switching to Solid Edge would help.

Read this new paper to learn six reasons to make a switch from your current solution. See results from the survey, which quantify the impact of the frustrations felt by engineers. And learn in detail how you can mitigate these challenges by taking advantage of the capabilities and features of Solid Edge.

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