How to claim SkillsFuture Credits?

(updated on 4 April 2023)

Log into your SkillsFuture account

Go to www.myskillsfuture.gov.sg  and click the login button.

Log into your SkillsFuture account

Log into your desired account

Log into your Singpass account or with your Portal ID.

Log into your Singpass account

Click 'Submit SkillsFuture Credit Claims' button

You will be sent back to the homepage after logging in to your account. Click the 'Submit SkillsFuture Credit Claims' button.

Click 'log in to claim'

Account details and eligible credits

Click on the button to see your available credits. There will be a few sections on your credit details such as SkillsFuture Credit, Credit Top-Up and Mid-Career Support. Only SkillsFuture Credit and SkillsFuture Credit Top-Up are eligible for usage on our courses. Mid-Career Support Credits are not eligible, take note.

Account details
Account details

Submitting your claims

Once you've checked your eligible SkillsFuture Credits, click 'Submit a Claim'.

Search for ACAD PTE. LTD.

Select the course you've signed up for

Fill in the name of the course that you've signed up for and it will appear below. As of now, these are the courses in ACAD that is SkillsFuture Claimable:

After selecting your course, select the correct course date. Do take note of the venue and the dates as now we have 2 training venues.

Select your course and dates
Select your course and dates

Payment details

Amount of Credit to Claim

is the amount you want to use from your SkillsFuture account. This should be equal or lesser than the amount you have.

Fee payable by you

This is the course fee, inclusive of GST.

For example, you have $500 SkillsFuture Credits in your account. SketchUp Pro Course for Interior Design's course fee is $750.60 (inclusive of GST). Fill in the amount you wish to use from your SkillsFuture account in the left blank and the course fee on the right blank. The remaining amount left (if there's any) will be paid in cash.

Course fee and claim
Course fee and claim

Supporting documents / invoice

Click the button to upload the invoice that was sent by us and submit.

Supporting documents / invoice

Claim submission proof

Take a screenshot of the claim submission and send it to us.

One last check before submitting